Cheese for the holidays, what could be better? Add a bottle of wine from Angelini Wines for perfection.

Angelini Wines, Ltd. is not just a local supplier of wines, they are a local supplier of imported wines from Europe, as well as their own family wines, which just happen to be grown and produced in Italy. So here we have the perfect blending of the old and the new world.  I’ve enjoyed their wines very much over the years so I thought I would share this with those of you who have not been so fortunate.

The Angelini two-hundred-acre farm has been in their family for three generations. This Farm is located in the Marche region of Italy. The vineyards are located 900-1100 ft. above sea level. The wine is made only from grapes grown there.  After four years of research on grapes grown in the area, including studying root stock, vineyard training methods, and vinicultural equipment, they tore down ten acres of existing old plants and planted their new vineyard in 1999. After verification of the results, they planted two more vineyards in the same manner in 2003. Together they have seven and a half acres of specialized vineyards destined for high quality wine production. The varietals they produce are Sangiovese, Pergola Rosso and Merlot.

A Few Chosen Wines from Angelini

Carpenè Malvolti Prosecco Superiore Conegliano Valdobiadiane DOCG– SRP $19.99

Carpenè  Malvolti  is the  original producer  of   Prosecco   sparkling  wine and one of the most prestigious houses noted for helping to form the great Italian wine-making tradition. It was founded in 1868 by Antonio Carpenè, a forerunner in the application of biology (a then newly-acquired knowledge) to the art of wine making. Antonio, in contact with the great scientists of the century, Pasteur and Koch, published practical and theoretical articles on the subject of wine making, which for many years were considered classical texts on the subject. In 1873, at Conegliano, he established the first Oenology school in Italy dedicated to the study of grape growing and wine making. Today’s custodian of the family traditions and expertise is the great-grandson of the founder, Etile Carpenè . Carpenè  Malvolti  was the first, in Italy and in the world, to perfect and promote the production of “method charmat”, or sparkling wine, in large vats.

Prosecco is that universal wine that goes with everything. We even use it often in making fondue instead of white wine. It yields a lighter, almost fluffier consistency. This Carpenè Prosecco DOCG has a fresh bread note, finer bubbles, and a delicate, clean finish.

Cheese Pairing: In addition to almost any cheese, it’s great with Fromage D”Affinois, any other soft ripening cheese, all goat cheeses, and excellent with English Ford Cheddar.

Domaine Matthias & Emile Roblin Sancerre Origine 2016  SRP – $28.99

Sancerre wines are known for their zesty taste of citrus and minerals and are produced from vines as old as twenty-five years. Sancerre is a French wine produced in the eastern part of the Loire valley. Great care is taken to preserve the terroir which includes removing excessive vegetation and even growing grass among the vines.

In 2000, Matthias took over the family estate and was soon joined by his brother, Emile, in 2006. They represent the 4th generation of winegrowers at Château de Maimbray. The estate is composed of 19 hectares of vines divided among approximately forty parcels located primarily on the Terres Blanches (white earth) terroirs of the SANCERRE appellation. This Roblin Sancerre is fresh citrus, pear and white flowers on the nose, with a mineral accent. Fresh and zesty but attractively fleshy, too, with bright pear, apple and orange zest flavors showing excellent focus and depth. This has impressive length, finishing on a bright, dusty, citric note.

Cheese Pairing: Goat cheese like Humbolt Fog, Piave Vecchio, Parmigiano Reggiano, Cave aged Gruyere, Triple crèmes like Delice D’Argental and Cambozola blue.

 Adegas Gran Vinum Nessa Albarino 2017 SRP – $15.99

 Adegas Gran Vinum is a family owned winery that started working in 2002. They planted new vineyards on steep, sandy, south-facing slopes, near the ocean in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. This location minimizes temperature swings and extends maturation times giving more spice, saline and fruity varietal character to the finished wines. Soils in the vineyards are enriched in the traditional manner by digging in shells of local mollusks.

They exclusively grow Albariño, the internationally recognized, high quality grapes of Galicia. It is an intensely aromatic grape with thick skins uniquely suited to the cool, damp growing conditions typical of the area. In addition, this Adegas Gran Vinum Nessa Albarino maintains excellent natural acidity leading to a fresh, balanced wine.

Cheese Pairing: Fromager D’Affinois, goat cheeses, mild cheddars, Cambozola Blue,  Tres Leches, washed rind cheeses loie Epoisse, Diva, Oma, Chaumes.

Angelini Estate Vino di Vittorio 2012  SRP – $20.99

This wine is named for the Patriarch of the Angelini family, Vittorio Angelini.  The farmlands and vineyards from which this wine is produced were originally owned by Vittorio’s uncle, Michele, and worked by his father, Aurelio on the 1920’s. Vino di Vittorio is an homage to Vittorio’s foresight and  dedication to keeping the Angelini family’s heritage strong into the 21st century.

Vino di Vittorio is produced in the Marche region of Italy (east coast in the middle of the country). It’s a blend of 90% Sangiovese, 8 % Merlot, and 2 % Pergola Rosso, and spends twenty-four months in oak barrels. It has a dark robust red color with inky tones appearing with age. Its flavor is reminiscent of blackcurrant layered with tobacco and cinnamon tones. Total production is only 416 cases.

Cheese Pairing: All Cheddars, washed rind cheeses, Blues, aged Goudas, Manchego, Ewephoria.

Pasetti TenutaRossa Montepulciano D’Abruzzo DOC 2013 SRP – $35.99

The long rich Pasetti history dates back to the late 1860’s, in which present owner Mimmo Pasetti’s great-great grandfather Silvestro began purchasing various plots of land from the wealthy Marchese Farina family. From battling the phylloxera plague that wiped out most of Europe’s vineyards to an untimely post wartime death by a landmine planted in the vineyard, the Pasetti family has endured much to produce their exquisite wines.

From the beginning, the results were impressive. At the time, Abruzzo’s unwritten rule was to mass-produce lesser quality wines at a high volume.  Since the Pasettis owned their land, their overhead was lower and they could focus on producing higher quality wines. This became their reputation. The Pasetti TenutaRossa is a deep ruby red color that smells and tastes of ripe red fruits, blueberries with aromas of cocoa, licorice and leather. Warm and full bodied with elegant tannins.

Cheese Pairing: Washed rind cheeses, Stilton, Gorgonzola and other blues, and aged Goudas, aged sheep cheese, Pecorinos, Ewephoria, Swiss Challerhocker.

I’d like to thank Julius Angelini for all of his help, his time, photos, and information allowing me to write this article. Please look for these wines in your local wine shop, you will be glad you did.

Cheese for the Holidays with Angelini Wines
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